Our Current Services

Web Design

Our focus is on creating visually clean and functional websites.  We want to showcase your brand and do it efficiently.  We design websites using the Squarespace Platform.  We love Squarespace because the updates are automatic, and their plugin’s work well.  If you need a redesign of your website or need to start from scratch we would love to meet with you for a free design consultation.


We offer a wide variety of photography services.  We ultimately want to create images that help support your brand and tell the stories of your organization.  Content creation is so important for any brand and photography is the backbone of that.  We want to create authentic content that is true to your brand.  Here is a list of current photography services we offer. 


Still Life/Food Photography




Event Photography


Our first love and service to our clients was creating branding films.  Film is the best way to give an overall representation of your brand.  We want to showcase your brand in the best possible light and tell the story of what you do.  Here is a list of video services we currently offer.

Brand Films

Crowdfunding Films

Mini Stories

Product Highlight/Sales Films

Event Video

On-Site Editing


Social Media

We want to make social media simple.  Our strategy is to streamline and automate social media as much as possible.  We start by helping you find what Social Media platforms will work best with your business.  Then we define what needs to be shared, and what is the most effective way to grow your brand through social media.  We also want to be true to your brand’s message.  We offer social media management with content creation built in.  We use photography and video to support your brand’s message and add personality to your brand.  

We also offer consulting services to train you on best practices and social media automation.

If you need help and direction with your brand’s social media we would love to meet with you for a free consultation.


Social Media Consulting-  We offer consulting services to train you on best practices and social media automation.

Video Production Consulting-  This service is designed for businesses, non-profits, and churches that are starting an in-house video production studio.  We can help walk you through the process of what equipment you need for production and post production. We can help you identify what your needs are and what gear you need to get up and running efficiently without unexpected expenses.

Our services are all based upon your needs as a client.  We are in the people business.  We are here to support our clients and their existing partners.